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Rated 5.0 out of 5

Miss Jessie is phenomenal. I have a in early childhood Education, and it is by far the best option we found for a three-year-old twins. She’s also very reasonably price and is flexible with scheduling.


Rated 5.0 out of 5

Our son has attended Cherry Lane Montessori (Treasure Valley Montessori LLC) since August of 2018. Our experience over the last two years with Jessie Ellis and her staff have been nothing short of phenomenal. Jessie is an excellent communicator, incredibly supportive, and an exceptional teacher. She cares deeply for each of her students and always goes above and beyond to make sure they’re succeeding in all areas of development. Her expertise and love for her students doesn’t stop at the classroom door. I often reach out to her outside of school hours with questions about my son’s behavior, emotional health, any concerns I may have, etc. I find her advice and knowledge incredibly reassuring and helpful. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Our son has built a solid foundation and passion for learning while under Jessie’s care. He has absolutely thrived! I am in awe of the quality of the curriculum and his excitement over the many subjects he is exposed to at school. I am in full support of this school expansion project and look forward to the day our second son will attend Cherry Lane Montessori. Please let me know if I can provide anything further or if you have any questions. Monday, August 10, 2020

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Our now five year old son has been attending Cherry Lane Montessori for two years now. He’s grown academically and socially far beyond our expectations. He not only is reading at a first grade level, learning multiplication, can hold a simple conversation in Spanish, knows all the continents, and has flourished socially, but also has gained many independent skills many preschools don’t encourage. Miss Jessie has always made sure to listen to any concerns we have and communicates with us very well. As someone who has worked many years in childcare and has taught preschool myself, I am very impressed with Cherry Lane Montessori’s program, edication to its students and their families, and the passion Miss Jessie and her staff have for teaching. We also have a two year old and a two month old at home that will most definitely attend Cherry Lane Montessori in the future. Our family would love to see their school grow and shared with more families in the Treasure Valley.

The Redmond Family

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Ms. Jessie is an angel. She is the perfect mix of love, knowledge and encouragement. I can’t emphasize enough the impact she made in my niece’s early education. She will forever hold a dear place in our hearts.


Rated 5.0 out of 5

I have not yet seen this new school, but I know the owner to be a gentle, caring Montessori teacher. She is knowledgeable and hard-working, and committed to the education of children.


Rated 5.0 out of 5

Jessie was such a nurturing and truly caring teacher. She made a lasting impression on me and my kids! I am sure her school and those working with her will reciprocate what a wonder teacher and person she is and exemplifies! Highly recommended!


Rated 5.0 out of 5

Jessie is a wonderful, wonderful Montessori Teacher. She taught my son for several years and I became great friends with her as I worked in the same school as she did. I know Jessie to be soft spoken, patient, kind and loving to the children and parents. She is a great example of what a Montessori Teacher should be. Maria would be very proud of her!


Rated 5.0 out of 5

We had a wonderful experience with Ms. Jessie when my son was a pre-schooler. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, professional, knowledgeable, and gentle Montessori educator for their son or daughter.


Rated 5.0 out of 5

My Name is Dr. Jared Vineyard and I am writing on behalf of the Cherry Lane Montessori School and the related building project. My son Carson who is currently 5 has been attending Cherry Lane Montessori for over a year and a half and I wanted to share our experience and support for Jessie Ellis and her school. Our son’s time at Montessori has been nothing short of a complete positive turn around. He was expelled from his previous daycare because they could not control his spirited way. For example, during story time or nap time he often wandered to play with other toys and refused to comply. There was even an isolated incident of him stepping on a teacher’s foot on purpose when they tried to force compliance. They would chase him if he was up and moving so it became a game for him, rather than discipline. Because the rules for him kept changing at the day care it caused him confusion and as a result his self-esteem was beginning to suffer.

Within a week of attending Cherry Lane Montessori the non-compliance, aggressive physical and verbal behavior had almost completely disappeared. My wife and I were so relieved because we worried that perhaps he had a more serious long-term problem. It turns out what he needed was a loving and caring environment where building a happy and healthy human is the leading principal of the school. Jessie Ellis is an extraordinary person and educator.

It would have been enough for my wife and I for Carson to feel valued and learn mastery over his more spirited behaviors but Cherry Lane has provided so much more. Within a couple of months Carson lept far ahead of his older peers at his previous daycare in numbers, letters, and socialization. This year he has begun reading and recently doing addition and subtraction. He will enter into kindergarten well prepared and it is due to Carson’s effort and the school’s excellent curriculum.

We are so happy and impressed with the schooling he has received in preschool that we have chosen to send him to Cherry Lane for kindergarten as well. Beyond being a warm and carting educator, Miss Jessie is exactly who you want running a school in our current pandemic environment. Since day one, she has 100% complied with the state and CDC recommendations. My wife and I are both scientists and I am a researcher by trade. We value data driven decisions guided by the professional who have the experience to make recommendations (CDC). We were deeply moved but not surprised when Miss Jessie continued to diligently follow the strict interpretation of CDC guidelines (daily temperature taking of child and parent, social distancing followed by mask wearing) after the governor had lifted the shutdown, even going so far as to use the shutdown time to completely transform the learning environment by moving all activities outdoors for the summer for the children’s safety. She has remained steadfast in protecting our children and their families by refusing to give into complaints from parents that she is too “strict” about the children wearing masks and other precautions. All of this may seem elementary to any health care worker or person with a basic understanding of public safety but when put into context of Ada counties exponential increase in cases from most residents refusing to follow basic recommendations her decisions standout.

To summarize, Cherry Lane Montessori has provided a warm, caring learning environment that goes above and beyond what the majority of preschool environments typically provide. Her methods and personality have helped my son gain confidence, learn needed academic skills, and shape a happy little human. Ms. Jessie has provided a safe environment for Carson to grow including steadfastly adhering to important CDC guidelines to stop the spread of CONVID 19. I sincerely support her plans to expand her school with the new building and look forward to our future little ones beginning their journey of learning with Ms. Jessie.

Dr. Jared and Teresa Vineyard

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Hello, I am writing this email on behalf of Jessie Ellis, and Cherry Lane Montessori. I would like to give me personal recommendation to their opening of the Montessori school building on their property off of Cherry Lane. My son has attended Jessie’s school for just under a year now, and will be attending this fall as a Kindergartener. Jessie is wonderful with the kids, she is highly invested in their growth, happiness, and overall development. I think she has done an amazing job with my son while teaching and caring for him at her in‐home‐school, and would only be able to do more with the kids with a more sophisticated school building environment. Please grant them a permit to build the new school!

Rylie Monday, August 24, 2020