Cherry Lane Montessori Preschool Tuition

In addition to our rates, you should know that we offer financial aid through our Fair Share Program below, should you wish to participate.

Cherry Lane Montessori tries very hard to make tuition as affordable as possible. We want to provide ‘Montessori For All’ while providing the best teachers and the nicest facilities in the Treasure Valley. We have done several things to cut costs without cutting corners to your precious child’s experience and quality of education.

If you have a special situation, our staff will try and accommidate you.

2 Days$430.00
2 Days w/o Daycare$415.00
2 Mornings$310.00
3 Days$570.00
3 Days w/o Daycare$540.00
3 Mornings$400.00
4 Days$650.00
4 Days w/o Daycare$625.00
4 Mornings$540.00
5 Days$765.00
5 Days w/o Daycare$730.00
5 Mornings$572.00
Registration fee$110.00

Days w/o Daycare – 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Mornings – 8:30 AM to 12 Noon
Days – 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Note: Summer rates are the same, however the Fare Share Program does not apply to the summer program.

Financial Aid / Fair Share

Cherry Lane Montessori’s mission calls us to serve families who desire a Montessori Preschool and Lower Elementary education in the Montessori tradition. Our Fair Share Tuition program allows families from all economic backgrounds to access a Cherry Lane Montessori education and creates a diverse and unique group of student.

Families who send their children to Cherry Lane Montessori understand they are committing to a philosophy and a financial commitment, which is a sacrifice for all families. All families are asked to discern and pay as much as they can toward full tuition.

Fair Share Tuition is determined individually for each student, based on the School’s published tuition scale. We encourage all families who cannot afford full tuition to apply with the Fare Share Program.

How Fair Share works

If you have signed up with Brightwheel, you are half way home.

The next step is to provide use with some basic financial information:

We wanted to make this a simple and informal as possible. You are free to remove any Social Security Numbers (in fact we want you to).

Base on your needs and our ability, we will determine what will work for both parties.

We only have so much ability to offer Financial Aid. The sooner you apply and enroll, the better your chances are to get aid.