February Newsletter 2024

Using spoon to transfer rice from bowl to bowl.
Hand eye coordination

This month at Cherry Lane Montessori it is going to be all about heart. Studying of the human body, and all the major organs, especially the heart. Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to be excited about learning about this wonderful organ. We will also learn about the best foods that keep our hearts healthy. Your children might ask you to add more fruit and vegetables to their lunches.

Our goal for this year as always to help the kids learn the skills of reading, writing and Mathematics

What’s New

“Gem mining” using kinetic sand, buried rhinestones and mini shovels and rakes.
Kinetic sand activity

We are opening a library for the kids. We will have a library Mom, Miss. Teresa. She will be setting up the library in the coming few weeks. Our plan is to have children check out books on Mondays and Fridays and return them the following week. If you have gently used books to donate we will be happy to have them.

  • Musical kids are on Tuesdays, if you want to sign up your kids it’s $40 per month ( not full)
  • Piano class is on Tuesdays as well and the cost is $100 per month (one more spot available. Child has to be at least 4 years old)
  • Dance classes are on Wednesdays the cost is $42 per month ( almost full)

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