March Newsletter 2024

We have planned a lot of fun lessons and activities in this short month of March, which is the month of Spring Break. We will be learning about Ireland, its music, dances, traditions and holidays. Then, we will be doing a unit of studies on birds, which will continue into the month of April. 

We will be bringing in an incubator to hatch some eggs, and watch the embryos develop. A couple of the kids will have the chance to rotate the incubator trays two times a day.

Cherry Lane Montessori celebrates St.Patrick’s day

In coordinating with West Ada School District, our break is from the 18th-22nd of March.

Parent/teacher spring conferences are on Friday the 29th. Look for sign-up sheets. I will have some time on Saturday the 30th if you can’t schedule your time with either me or Kylie for the 29th.

Ms. Kylie’s class news!

  • Math: Skip counting and continuing with multiplication
  • St. Patrick’s Day crafts, including leprechaun traps
  • Sight word memorization
  • Places and greetings in Spanish

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