Our Facility

When we designed and built this classroom, our first and foremost concern was and is the health and safety of the students. 

Classroom built with Montessori in mind.
Our Wonderful State of the Art Montessori Classroom

To give you some background of the engineering regarding the building, I want to share a few highlights regarding the lengths we went through for the health and safety of the children.

  • The walls are a foot thick reinforced with rebar
  • The doors are continually locked except at certain times of the day.
  • There is no signage around the building intentionally not to draw attention to the school.

Regarding the water system in the school.

Clean Drinking Water
We test our water for purity every month and it is the cleanest water in the Treasure Valley

We have to my knowledge and the knowledge of the Department of Health and human services, the cleanest, purest water of any school in the valley.  The reason for this is because after it has been filtered down to 1 micron, it is processed through a UV light that removes any (however unlikely) organic particles in the water.  That is the water that comes to the toilets and the sink.  The water that your children drink goes through a second set of filters to ensure that he is getting the healthiest, purest water available.  Personally, it is the best water I have ever tasted.

In addition, we still test our water monthly.  Before the school opened, we had a complete diagnosis of our water.  The results were NO LEAD and about hundreth of the heavy metals in Meridian’s water supply.  This is why DHHS commented as they did.

Air Purification System

We had an engineer draw up the air purification system I designed to get approved by the county because they were unfamiliar that someone would go to the lengths that we did to keep our air clean and safe in the classroom.

The average air exchange rate in a building is .35 or approximately 1/3 per hour.  Our air exchange rate in the classroom for your child is 1.7345 per hour.  We do this because your children’s health and safety is paramount to our mission.

Floor and Walls

We left the floor as sealed non-slip cement because we wanted to steam clean it every day.  This is much more effective than using bleach.  All the lower half of the walls are completely washable.  This was not unnoticed by DHHS as well.  We are one of the only schools that does not have a mop closet because we invented a better way to keep our school more sanitary.

Outdoor Play Area

One of the largest Montessori playground in the Treasure Valley
The largest Preschool Montessori playground in Meridian

We wanted to create a great safe place for the children to get some good exercise. And as our campus grows, so will our outdoor facilities. All the play equipment is specifically approved for 3-5 years of age and the campus is completely fenced.

Play Structure and Classroom
Play Structure and Classroom