Montessori School

Cherry Lane Montessori understands the complexities of early childhood learning, and we pride ourselves on providing a top-tier curriculum through our Montessori school. We are a learning center that offers personal and classroom-based learning for children of all ages. We have a strong passion for cultivating knowledge within young minds. We are dedicated to providing excellent Montessori curliculum at affordable prices. For more information about our Montessori program, please contact Cherry Lane Montessori today!


At Cherry Lane Montessori, we offer kindergarten and elementary curriculum at our private school. Our programs emphasize interactive group learning, where children participate in various arts and crafts, storytime, games, singing, and physical exercises to learn with ease. For more information about our classes and day elementary services, please contact Cherry Lane Montessori today!

Daycare / Child Care

Our daycare center is an excellent place for children to grow, learn, and socialize. We have daily child development activities and other services to keep their brains active. Our children’s daycare services not only make it easier for you to know that they are safe and well cared for, but we will also help develop the social and learning skills that your child will need to succeed later on in life. To find out more about our daycare / child care services, contact Cherry Lane Montessori today.

Summer Camp

We understand the challenges of working parents and the difficulties of finding full day programs for children during the summer. This is why we offer summer camp on a monthly bases. The rates are the same as during the school year but the programs and curliculum changes to more outdoor events.